SmartYatru Help

No, you don't. But if you want to check your bookings, update the bookings and you "my account" feature of SmartYatru then we recommend you to register for one.
No, SmartYatru does not own any buses. We are purely a service provider who connects the bus operators with travellers. Bus operator use our system to buses and customers or the travellers can use our system to book the bus tickets.
You will need a mobile phone number and email address to book a ticket through us.
You will receive an email and SMS with the confirmation details.
Cancellation policy varies per operator so you will need to contact us if you need to cancel your booking.
Yes, you can. We have eSewa, FonePay, ImePay, ConnectIps, Stripe and PayPal as our payment partners. You can easily make payments using one of our payment partners.